matthias baldi

I am a draftsman and learned as a second profession computer scientist specializing in application development. Privately I also like to deal with the topics web design, web development and smart home.

My wife and I enjoy our family time together with our little daughter and share an enthusiasm for TV series, photography or cross-country skiing.

Portrait Matthias Baldi


web technology frontend

HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, Typescript, Angular

web technology backend

NodeJS/NestJS, Java (Spring Boot), MongoDB, Redis

other technologies

Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins/Teamcity/GithubCI, CI/CD Processes, DevOps


Architectural Draftsman (apprenticeship) FDV

2007 - 2011Felder+Partner Bauingenieure AG, Switzerland

Architectural Draftsman

2011 - 2012Felder+Partner Bauingenieure AG, Switzerland

Compulsory Military Service

2012 - 2012Swiss Armed Forces, Switzerland

Certified Information Scientist, Specialisation Software Development (apprenticeship) FDV

2012 - 2016Die Schweizerische Post AG, Switzerland

Certified Engineer in Informatics Advanced Diploma of Higher Education

2017 - 2019TSBE, Switzerland

Java Junior Developer

2016 - 2020Die Schweizerische Post AG, Switzerland

Web Developer

2020 - nowLambda IT GmbH, Switzerland