matthias baldi

I am a draftsman and learned as a second profession computer scientist specializing in application development. Currently I work as web developer and do some DevOps magic around Kubernetes and CI/CD tools.

Privately I like to deal with the topics IoT, network/server stuff, smart home and since a few months CNC with wood and aluminum. My wife and I enjoy our family time together with our little daughter and share an enthusiasm for TV series, photography or cross-country skiing.

Portrait Matthias Baldi


web technology frontend

HTML 5, CSS 3, Tailwind, Javascript, Typescript, Angular, JSX

web technology backend

NodeJS (Express, NestJS), Java (Spring Boot), MongoDB, Redis

other technologies

Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins/Teamcity/Github Actions, CI/CD Processes, DevOps


Web Developer / DevOps

2020 - nowLambda IT GmbH / Fidentity AG, Köniz (CH)

Certified Engineer in Informatics Advanced Diploma of Higher Education

2017 - 2019TSBE, Bern (CH)

Java Junior Developer

2016 - 2020Die Schweizerische Post AG, Zollikofen (CH)

Certified Information Scientist, Specialisation Software Development (apprenticeship) FDV

2012 - 2016Die Schweizerische Post AG, Bern (CH)

Compulsory Military Service

2012 - 2012Swiss Armed Forces, Schönbühl (CH)

Architectural Draftsman

2011 - 2012Felder+Partner Bauingenieure AG, Entlebuch (CH)

Architectural Draftsman (apprenticeship) FDV

2007 - 2011Felder+Partner Bauingenieure AG, Entlebuch (CH)